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Share some HCS-Field-Server H20-651 exam questions and answers below.
When the server fails, which of the following types of information for troubleshooting need to be collected? (Multiple choice)

A. basic failure information (including customer basic information, equipment model and configuration, fault phenomena and other information)

B. Server hardware logs

C. Operating system logs

D. Business software logs

Answer: ABCD

When the Huawei server is powered on, when the BIOS startup interface appears, press ( ) to enter the BIOS Setup Utility program.

A. F2

B. F11

C. F12

D. Del

Answer: D

The Active LED of the Huawei server’s hard disk status indicator is green on or blinking, and the fault indicator flashes yellow, indicates what is the current hard disk status?

A. Hard disk failure

B. Indicates that the hard disk is located or RAID is reconstructed

C. hard disk is not in place

D. The hard disk stops running

Answer: B

Which of the following statement on the E9000 server power cap is wrong?

A. The management module can set the total capping power of the chassis

B. The management module cannot set the overhead power of a single compute node

C. Power cap is Intel ME through the FM regulator to close the capping value

D. Power cap is to limit the total power of the chassis to enhance the characteristics of compute nodes deployment density in machine room.

Answer: B

Huawei server, which of the following RAID cards can be configured, do not configure the RAID group, can still install the operating system? (Multiple choice)





Answer: BC

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