2017 New Huawei H13-511-ENU exam braindumps

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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
What is the core technology of cloud computing ?

A. Virtualization

B. High performance hardware

C. Data center management and control software

D. Integration Consulting and Delivery

Answer: A

Data stream is a packet collection with the same data characteristics . In the layer 3 switching technology refers to the packet collection with the same source/destination MAC address.



Answer: B

What does Cloud computing deployment model have? (Select 3 Answers)

A. Public Cloud

B. Private Cloud

C. Hybrid Cloud

D. E-government cloud

Answer: A B C

What are the process of layer 2 switching ? (Select 3 Answers)

A. study: the MAC address table is a switch by studying receives source MAC address of data frames to form

B. update: switch MAC address table has aging time;If you find a frame into the port and the the source MAC port in MAC address table is not consistent, then the MAC learning to the new port

C. forward: switches according to the MAC address table radio forward data frames

D. radio: if the destination address is not in the MAC address table, in addition to receiving the data frame to other ports outside the port to broadcast the data frame

Answer: A B D

Which of the following are not VRM components of FusionCompute?





Answer: D

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